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Instructional Alignment (psswd: January) : Video/Handout

Getting Students to Prepare for Class (psswd: February): Video/Handout

The Minute Paper (psswd: March): Video/Handout

Developing Critical Thinking (psswd: April): Video/Handout

Designing Better PowerPoint/Multimedia (psswd: May): Video/Handout

Students in Our Classrooms (psswd: June): Video/Handout

Overview of Lesson Planning & Course Design (psswd: July): Video/Handout: Lesson Plan & Supplement: Lesson Plan Guide

Encouraging Classroom Participation (psswd: August): Video/Handout & Supplement:Discussion Protocols Supplement: Gaming

Assessment & Exam Writing (psswd: October): Video/Handout

Providing Feedback (psswd: September): Video/Handout: Effective Feedback & Supplement: Feedback Models

Think-Pair-Share (psswd: November): Video/Handout

Teaching Resources (psswd: December): Video/Handout

Facilitating Discussion (psswd 2015): Video/Handout

Item Analysis (for multiple choice questions)(psswd: 2015): Video/Handout

Time Management (psswd 2015): Video/Handout

Scholarly Teaching (psswd: 2015): Video/Handout

Texting in Class (psswd: 2015): Video/Handout

Grading Open Ended Questions (psswd: 2015): Video/Handout

Student Evaluation of Teaching (psswd: 2015): Video/Handout

One-minute Preceptor (psswd 2015): Video/Handout

Encouraging All Students to Speak Up in Class (psswd 2015): Video/Handout

Managing Difficult Students (psswd 2015): Video/Handout

Assessing Critical Thinking Skills (psswd 2015): Video/Handout

Advanced Active Learning Techniques (psswd 2015): Video/Handout