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Formerly published through collaborative efforts of the Center for Educational Excellence in Pharmacy.

Summer 2008

Learner-Centered Instruction, Course Design, The Syllabus, First Day of Class

 Fall 2008

Teaching Large Classes, Assessment Basics, Getting Students to Read

Winter 2009

Educational Technology, Millennial Students, Critical Thinking

Spring 2009

Changing Teaching Practice, Course Evaluations, Professionalism, Teachers of the Year

Spring Supplement 2009

Preceptor Edition: Professional, Tough Student Cases, Good Precepting Behaviors

Fall 2009

Rubrics, Audience Response System, Brain-based learning

Winter 2010

Team-Based Learning, Multiple Choice Questions, PowerPoint

Spring 2010

Impediments to Changing Teaching Practice, Getting Students to Think, Teaching Innovations in the School

Summer 2011

Metacognition, Lilly Conference 2011 (Greensboro, NC)

Fall 2011

Blended Learning