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Student Development

One of my goals is to promote the development of students to become better learners  students with respect to teaching and learning.

Individual Consultation

Personalized assistance has proven to be the most effective way to solve learning challenges problems, support and sustain successful learning, and encourage the development of new study skills. The goal of consultations is to provide individualized help that is appropriate for the student’s level of skill and his/her own goals for development. Consultations may focus on test taking strategies, study strategies, developing poster presentations, or designing interactive class presentations. These services are available in cooperation with the Office of Student Affairs 

Improving Study Skills

(the following has been adopted from the Teaching and Learning Excellence center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison)

Stephen Chew at Samford University in Alabama created a series of videos on how to study effectively in college.

The overall theme of the videos is if students use ineffective or inefficient ways of studying, they can study long and hard and still fail; but if they use effective strategies, they will get the most learning out of your study time and be more likely to succeed.


Video 1: Beliefs That Make You Fail…Or Succeed

The first video examines common mistaken beliefs students often possess that undermine their learning. The video tries to correct those misconceptions with accurate beliefs about learning.

Video 2: What Students Should Understand About How People Learn

The second video introduces a simple but powerful theory of memory, Levels of Processing, that can help students improve their study.

Video 3: Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning

The third video operationalizes the concept of level of processing into four principles that students can use to develop effective study strategies.

Video 4: Putting the Principles for Optimizing Learning into Practice

The fourth video applies the principles of deep processing to common study situations, including note taking and highlighting while reading.

Video 5: I Blew the Exam, Now What?

This video addresses students should and should not do when they earn a bad grade on an exam.